Samsung-Apple a hold of 55% of Smartphone Market in Q1 2012

Monday, June 18, 20120 comments

Apple and Samsung again dominate the global smartphone market, after they had ordered to secure the 55% market share and reap 90% profit in the first quartal of 2012.

According to the ABI study Researc told SlashGear reported, overall smartphone shipments to grow from year to year by 41% with a rate of about 114.6 also sending unit in the quarter ended in March 2012 then.

In the first quarter of 2012 it managed to send 35 million Apple iPhone units, while the Samsung with its Android devices had shipped 43 million units. Nokia entrenched in third place with 11.9 million units, followed by RIM with 11.1 million units. The Sony (7 million units), Huawei (6.8 million units), and ZTE (4.9 million) trailed the fourth vendor.

Unlike the Samsung and Sony who experienced sequential growth in the global smartphone shipments from the previous quarter, Nokia instead was asked to decline to 40% market share, which now bring it closer to the rim.

Conditions experienced by Nokia according to analysts increasingly make a difficult to Nokia of this year, which also had previously rumored Nokia will lay off 10 thousand of his employees.

To offset the decline in Symbian-based smartphone shipments in the smartphone market, according to an analyst at ABI Research, Michael Morgan, Nokia with its smartphone Windows Phone should at least up to 5000% growth in 2012.
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