Sophistication of Samsung AMOLED Flexible Screen

Saturday, November 10, 20120 comments

Until now remains unclear, when the gadget made ​​by Samsung which comes with a AMOLED flexible screen will be released to the market.

Well, as if to remind us that innovation-related outcomes did, Samsung re-upload a demo video showing the various uses of AMOLED flexible screen.

In the video it is shown how the flexible transparent touch screen that can be used in various devices, such as watches, super-thin tablet, the newspaper of the future, as well as other uses.

Although Samsung has promised that its flexible display will be released with this device in 2012. However, until now not known exactly when the latest display technology that will be enjoyed by its users.

Prediction goes on to say that the technology and its products will begin to appear in mid-2013, that is, if Samsung can solve a variety of problems, mainly related to the production by the end of this year.
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